Organic Pigments

Organic Pigments , the nature of Color

Hair Color Bath and Elixir Color Bath The range of organic color pigments that change the way you color your hair. SLS/SLES Free Vita Toscana Organic Pigments.

To color your hair in the time required for a shampoo protect and gently nourish your hair Made with natural tannin and Iris Florentina.

Tuscan Lifestyle

Follow the rhythm of nature, observe the colors of art, the skillful movements of the tradition that Tuscany evokes.

These are the guidelines that Vita Toscana has followed to create Organic Pigments, a hair coloring treatment that stands out for its high-end products that stimulate – like a good wine – sensory and emotional responses in the customer at the salon.

Vita Toscana’s Organic Pigments represent a new of offering innovative services at the salon with immediate success.

Here’s why:

• They are made with vegetable tannins, which promote an antioxidant action to prevent damage caused by free radicals.

• They are used asBagno Capillare Colorante, and the

results are immediately visible upon rinsing.

• The Elisir Maschera Colorante, with its rich and precious texture, provides softness and long-term protection.

• The 10 nuances of the range can be mixed together to obtain a virtually unlimited number of shades without any effort

• They create beautiful highlights on natural hair

They revive the effects of an oxidation color service and help build customer loyalty

They tone and prolong the effects of sunkissed highlights and streaks

• They repigment hair before an oxidation color service

• They perfect any color that needs improvement