Erbe Colore

100% naturali

100% naturali

Estratti vegetali con pigmenti puri

Estratti vegetali con pigmenti puri

Pre Color Treatment

Pre Color Treatment

ERBE COLORE is a coloring treatment that is born with the aim to replace the most common chemical components and take advantage from the coloring power extracted directly from the heart of the coloring plants. A coloring ritual dedicated to the well-being of the client that makes of nature a distinctive element of one’s lifestyle.

Herbal dyeing is a natural color treatment that is based on a mixture of plant extracts such as turmeric, rhubarb and walnut, combined with pure mineral pigments, which penetrate deep into the hair fibers ensuring homogeneous color results and brilliant reflections, for a healthier hair. The powder formula combined with water and soothing essential oil, ensures an extraordinary beauty treatment and a new SPA experience in hairdressing salons.

Herbal dyeing is a semi-permanent plant color treatment, it does not contain alkaline agents nor parabens. The very high content of natural ingredients performs a protective action improving the conditioning action on hair and skin. Based on a careful selection of dyeing plants, it represents a new professional opportunity to improve customer loyalty. Cutomers that are more and more informed about the composition of cosmetic beauty products, and attentive to innovation and the continuous search for personalized services.

Herbal dyeing for red


Herbal dyeing for blonde


Herbal dyeing dark


WALNUT SHELL – The walnut husk to darken the hair, natural hair dye for those who want to make any shade

of brown, from light brown to dark brown.

BENEFITS – Walnut shell is highly beneficial for the scalp, thanks to the naphthoquinones and flavonoids contained in it. The flavonoids in particular give it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping it fight skin ageing. The action of the naphthoquinones makes walnut shell an excellent antifungal and antibacterial agent.

CASSIA OBOVATA – (Senna Italica) It is a plant that contains a light golden yellow dye; also known as

“neutral henna” or “senna obovata”, it has the restructuring benefits of henna.

BENEFITS – As well as being an integral part of natural color mixes, Cassia obovata has an important sebum balancing action. It is therefore recommended to treat all types of scalp suffering from dandruff, excess sebum and hyperhidrosis.

LAWSONIA INERMIS – Known with the common name of henna. From the dried and ground leaves and branches we obtain a yellow-green powder used as a coloring agent. The red-brown shade varies depending on the composition of the branches (red) and the leaves (brown).

BENEFITS – Commonly known as henna, this plant powder has the greatest color impact of all natural dyes.

It effectively stimulates micro-circulation of the scalp, it has antimycotic and antibacterial properties and is therefore beneficial for those suffering from dandruff and hair loss.

INDIGOFERA TINCTORIA – Commonly called black henna, it is a powder obtained from the fermentation and drying of the leaves of the Indigofera Tintoria tropical plant. Blue / violet color, that gives a beautiful black color on hair.

BENEFITS – When used as a dye, the leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria undergo meticulous natural treatments to boost their coloring power. When mixed with water, the powder has a highly purifying and calming effect on the scalp.

LOGWOOD – It is an evergreen tree from Central America. From its bark it is extracted a colorant “haematoxylum campechianum” that recalls the dyeing capacity of this “wood of blood” plant.

BENEFITS – Logwood powder is used to color red hair, as it boosts its tones. Hematoxylin, the most widely used stain in histology, is extracted from the bark of this tree. In skin care, logwood bark powder is recognized as being especially effective in treating hair loss.

TURMERIC – Yellow ocher plant native from India. It has a very high dyeing power. The powder is obtained from the rhizome. It is ideal for reflecting or dying light hair, giving pleasant golden nuances.

BENEFITS – Turmeric has an extremely beneficial effect on the scalp, thanks to its two-fold action: it helps regulate sebum in greasy skin and acts as a powerful moisturizer for dry skin. Turmeric also has a highly effective calming effect on skin suffering from psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.


RHUBARB – The part of the plant exploited for therapeutic purposes, consists of the underground part, and in particular from the voluminous rhizome that presents itself outwardly white color, while internally it’s possible to see striations of orange-yellow color and, it gives blond highlights to the hair.

BENEFITS – Rich in polyphenols, rhubarb purifies and stimulates micro-circulation in the scalp with benefits for cellular genesis, stimulating regenerative factors.